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Towering Inferno of Rock & Roll

Rev. Theodore George Laich, Jr.

7/26/11 08:57 am - Books & Busses

 On the bus today, there was an elderly woman reading a book near me. She pulled the bell cord, but kept reading when the bus stopped. As other people were getting off, I told her that she was going to miss her exit. She looked up sheepishly and said, "I know, but my book just got really interesting! I'll just take another bus back this way later."

I can completely understand that.

7/8/11 07:38 pm - Though you probably saw it somewhere else first.

I'm painting again, which is good.

5/18/11 01:29 pm - Art, navel-gazing, etc.

I forget that I have a livejournal sometimes. I feel like a phony coming to post here after I've neglected it for so long.

I feel that way about DeviantArt too. Or, actually, art in general. I've been having a lot of problems getting started with my art lately. I make a lot of excuses, but I have a serious lack of confidence that's preventing me from doing any serious drawing, painting, sketching, or otherwise. I had gotten into the flow a while ago and was sketching every day, at least. Nothing good, but it was something.

All it takes is one day to get you out of the habit. I'm not even sure why I stopped. Maybe I had a headache. Maybe I saw something shiny. It's hard to say.

I suppose these overwhelming confidence problems have been growing for a while now. I seem to shut myself down with them sometimes, but I always push past it when I need to. The problem is, there's nothing I need to make art for. It's just for me. And I'm bad at doing stuff just for me. But I realize that I have to - I suppose that's the first step.

I actually came here to share a funny spam email that I got this morning, but it seems dumb now. Damn LJ got me talking and sharing my feelings.

I hope I'll stop by more often.

6/14/10 12:38 pm

I started a new blog to post the Google Voice transcriptions of my Russian boss' voicemails.



5/3/10 04:21 pm - i ACHE with boredom

Cisco & Technivorm need to team up to make a phone that automatically makes coffee for you during conference calls.

Post from mobile portal m.livejournal.com

4/5/10 12:38 pm - Pysanski

Pysanski, originally uploaded by huskyted.

My Easter eggs this year.

11/18/09 01:55 pm

In the city of Chicago, the denizens are been plagued by rain that refuses to come down from straight above, as they feel rain should. In response, they are constantly purchasing larger and larger umbrellas to shield themselves from this obvious mistake of nature. In highly concentrated areas of pedestrian movement, a sort-of ad hoc game of bumbershoot-bumper-cars takes places in which the winner tends to be the most aggressive with the largest umbrella; the loser is anyone not in the possesion of an umbrella, who also is in possession of a pair of eyes. If you desire to travel without an umbrella, experts suggest to carry safety glasses in case of a sudden downpour.

11/11/09 09:16 am - Llama!

 My mom got me a Llama bottle opener. How cool is that?

10/26/09 08:07 am

 It is a sad day on the Intartubes. Geocities, one of the most popular free webhosting sites of the mid-90s, is closing it's virtual doors. I learned html and made my first webpage with Geocities 15 years ago. I doubt I would be where I am today if it wasn't for my "homestead" at /Heartland/Prairie/6768/.

Goodbye, old friend.

9/30/09 09:43 am

What kind of strange fetishes do the people at Netflix have? I was searching for A Dog's Breakfast and got this as the second result. What's more, it's similar to Thomas Jefferson? Saucy bastards.

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